Welcome to Berko Box.

A safe, friendly, positive place for adults and children to learn the art of boxing.

We are proud to be the first club in town with a full competition ring. Kapow!

What’s in
the box

Our state-of-the-art facility is run by expert coaches with years of experience in and out of the ring.

We offer boxing and mixed martial arts at all levels. We’ll help you learn key principles of the sports, such as discipline and respect. You do not have to be training for a competitive event in order to train at Berko Box; you can simply turn up, train, learn, and enjoy.

We believe boxing is the ultimate workout to increase fitness, boost self-esteem, feel empowered and of course…. it’s kick-ass.

MMA Striking

The ultimate combination of martial arts drawing from kick-boxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo and wrestling.

What to expect: learn to punch / kick / knee / elbow, getting a full body workout.


Learn footwork, padwork and how to defend and attack. Perfect for those who want to get in the ring, or those who would like to learn the art without getting a black eye.

Session setup: warm up, fun & games, technique, skill based, game finisher.

What to expect: combination of fitness/conditioning and boxing skills/technique.


Our sessions are fine tuned to suit our wide range of age groups ensuring everyone can train in a suitable environment, geared towards their skills and abilities.


We offer memberships in monthly or yearly packages. You can choose to join in 8 or 16 sessions per month. We also offer sessions on a pay as you go basis.

Sessions must be booked in advance via the online booking system.

Please note – Members will get a head start when booking sessions, over PAYG users