Boxing took him to university for a degree in Health, Fitness and Personal Training. Then it took him to Thailand to study and learn the sport at boxing camps, learning the art of Muay Thai. He came home and kept boxing, at competition level.

After winning many competitive fights, Ben then turned his passion to teaching. First came Best Results Fitness, a boxing and Small Group Personal training gym. And now, Berko Box.


Ben believes boxing is a personal journey. You v. You. You put in the work. You get the results. That’s what makes it life changing. Berko Box puts a team behind to you, to train, motivate and support you every step of the way. But when the final bell rings, the glory is all yours.

our MMA and Striking coach

Rich began training and competing in martial arts at 9 years old, starting in Judo. From here he moved into kicking boxing, taekwondo and, by the age of 15, into Thai-boxing under a student of Master Woody. By the late 90s Rich had started periodically training MMA with friends from Thai boxing, and would visit UK martial arts legend Lee Hasdell – who put on the UK’s first MMA event “Night of the Samurai” (1998).

In the early 2000s, Rich started sharing ideas with MMA/grapplers as a Striking Coach, before moving to a gym and taking his first role as a Striking Coach for a successful amateur MMA team.

Since then Rich has worked as a coach with a variety of teams and competitors, ranging from beginners to high level professionals. Rich has coached and worked the corners with fighters on organisations such as BAMMA, Bellator and Cage Warriors both in the UK and internationally. He has coached and worked corners for a number of world title fights and defences.

Throughout his adult coaching roles, Rich has continued in parallel to coach groups of kids and teen students. Rich has experience in helping young people through a very successful youth program that ran for many years.